Hand-Building with Clay

  • Hand Building with Clay

How does Hand-Building with Clay Work?

Each participant will receive 2 pounds of clay, tools and basic hand building instructions.  We have an instructional file with ideas that can easily be made with the 2 pounds of clay. Pieces will be fired and then glazed by Pick & Paint Plus Staff. Participants will get to pick from a select group of glazes for their piece. If participant wishes to return to paint their own piece there is a $4.00 paint fee. This package allows one hand made piece per participant. Each additional piece made will be charged a $6.00 firing and glazing fee. Additional clay may be purchased at $2.00 per pound. Please be aware that hand built items must dry at their own pace rushing will cause breakage. It may take as much as 4 to 6 weeks to get the finished product back from hand building due to drying time and the required 2 firings. Hand built clay pieces are unique one-of-a-kind creations and small imperfections can add artistic beauty to the piece. All pieces will be handled with care but the nature of the art form can sometimes lead to breakage that is out of our control during the kiln firing process; therefore, Pick & Paint Plus is not responsible for breakage that may occur during the firing process.

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$11.95 plus tax per person. (9 person minimum) $40.00 non – refundable deposit required.

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