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About Kiln Fired Glass

This is our more expensive media but is worth every penny. You start with a plain piece of glass and learn to score and break pieces of glass to build your own sheet of art glass. In the beginners classes we make small pieces that can be used as trivets or window hangings. Once you have mastered the scoring and cutting and learned how the glass performs in the kiln you can then take an advanced glass that allows you to build your sheet of glass to a specific mold that will give you a finished bowl, plate, or candle holder that is food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe.  In November and December we build glass tree ornaments. Once you are fully trained in the glass you may come to the studio and work at your pleasure. Safety glasses and gloves must be worn at all time when working with this media.  We supply all tools and safety equipment for this media.

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Fused Glass Party

Each participant will receive a 6” x 6” sheet of basic glass on which to design their sheet of glass. Fused Glass Parties are instructor led classes. All participants must wear safety goggles and gloves for duration of class. Fused glass pieces are unique one-of-a-kind art pieces. Due to the variable nature of fused glass Pick and Paint Plus cannot be responsible for the final product resulting from your fused glass experience. This media is not recommended for children under the age of 15. Please see our events calendar for children glass events. Final product will be ready 14 days after party.

To find more about our parties, please go to our party page.

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