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About our Mixed Media Boards at Pick & Paint Plus

Our mixed media boards offer the greatest mix of flexibility and creativity to allow you to create a truly breathtaking piece of art. This media allows for you to maximize your creativity. Using wood, paper, ceramics, metal, paint, and unique items you may have found to make your masterpiece is the ultimate in fun and relaxation. Best of all, you get to leave the studio with your piece, because this media is a “make and take” so it is great for that last minute “I made it myself” gift.

Mix Media Boards – The Base

Pick & Paint Plus provides handmade bases on which to preform mixed media art. The base of our mixed media boards are handmade from 1″ white pine boards by my husband, Ed Kinzie. Since these base boards are made by us, you as the artist can develop unique designs and sizes for your art pieces. In addition to the standard board types, the mixed media boards may also use our North Carolina mdf flat boards as a foundation.

Mixed Media Boards – The Process

After you have selected your base, you begin the artistic process. While you can stick to one art form, Mixed Media Boards allow for the artist to blend various art forms together to make one unique piece. Finally, we finish the piece by sealing it with a crystal clear resin that provides a glass like finish. For ideas of what you can do, check out the gallery below.

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Mixed Media Art Board Party

Our mixed media is done either on a door hanger blank or our custom built boards. Prices are based on piece and design (lowest is $35.00 plus tax per person). Please contact the studio for designs available and pricing. Minimum of 4 people.

To find more about our parties, please go to our party page.

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